Sons of a Lost Empire

The Sunless Citadel

The sunken fortress holds more than just secrets...

The_Sunless_Citadel.jpgThe adventure so far…

Four adventurers left Oakhurst for this strange place called the Sunless Citadel along the Old Road. They found a great crevice in the ground that ran for miles in either direction and where the road came closest, wooden pillars and a rope.

They sent the dwarven cleric, Brega, down first. He easily descended down the knotted rope to land on a ledge 50’ below. Then dire rats leaped from the rubble and savagely attacked him.

The_Crevice.jpgPell, the Stout Halfling rogue quickly made his way down and slew the rats, but it was too late. The giant rats had hungerly ripped out the dwarf’s throat.

The three remaining heroes took Brega’s body back to the tiny town and gave him to the healer, who buried him the next day.

That’s when they met Gamar, a human cleric of Pelor who was passing through. They immediately struck up a friendship and he joined their fellowship.

meepo.jpgDown below they fought more rats then met Meepo, a kobold who had lost his dragon whelpling to a goblin raid. They decided to get the dragon back and went to the kobold queen to ask her to point them in the right direction. Pell paid her 52 gold for the pleasure of returning the dragon.

Calcryx.jpgThey fought many goblins, including their boss before discovering the dragon. They tried to restrain the beast without harming it, and eventually knocked it unconscious, but in the process two of their group, Pell and Gamar were left terribly wounded and unconscious. Blackfang decided to return the dragon to the kobolds quickly. He never returned.

Oakhurst.jpgWhen Gamar awoke he healed Pell and believing that Blackfang was dead, they tried to find a way out. This led them to other goblins they slew quickly and eventually to an exit. They ascended the stairs and rope, and made it back to Oakhurst. From there they traveled east two days to Easthaven.

In Easthaven they met Leldelorian, a human paladin whom they purchased a suit of banded mail for, got items identified, sold goods recovered in the ruins, and rested.



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