Sons of a Lost Empire

The Prisoner

When the undead explode and a gnome is found.

Another delve into the sunken citadel brought the heroes to a stone door opposite a dry fountain. They discovered the fountain imbued with magic but were unable to determine what it did. Leldelorian did sense that there were undead behind the stone door.
After being scythed by a trap, Pell picked the lock on the stone door and found a room full of sarcophagi. By opening one all five opened and animated skeletons leaped out with rusted swords in hand. Gamar brought the power of Pelor to bear and four of the skeletons exploded. The last was quickly dispatched.

Another delve into the dungeon found that Meepo’s old room was once again occupied by kobolds. A quick fight ended them, though Meepo pleaded with his kin not to attack the heroes. Meepo and his pet dragon (now back in the repaired cage) were allowed to leave. The dragon hissed at the party, remembering how they hurt him and returned him to the kobolds, that though worshiped him, kept him in a cage.

Coming upon a room with pit traps spiked open they found another fountain. This too they found to be magic. Pell found a secret compartment and inside a metal canister which he unscrewed… and released a noxious gas that affected Quarian terribly. Leldelorian was able to neutralize the poison with his paladin powers.

They also found the room where the mama-rat and her many dire rats nested. They scavenged the junk and collected loot.

gnome_fighter.jpgThen stumbling through the once goblin-occupied rooms they found a locked door that Pell picked. On the other side was a dungeon where several dead kobolds were tied up and a gnome was kept in a cage. With the goblins being all slain some ten days ago the gnome only survived by creating food and water for himself. For the gnome was a cleric!

Erky Timbers offered his services and let them know that there was a level beneath them where the goblins spoke of the “Gulthias Tree” where the fruit came from. They spoke of it in hushed voices as if afraid to speak its name aloud.



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