Sons of a Lost Empire


A Dire Sitatuion

The road from Easthaven was devoid of danger this time. Upon returning to Oakhurst the heroes heard another tale of the Sunless Citadel. The townsfolk spoke of a perfect apple sold each Midsummer’s Eve by the goblins to the highest bidder in Oakhurst. They were worried that with all the goblins dead there would be no more apples. The apples were highly prized because they could heal any disease. The townsfolk had tried to grow their own magic apple trees but when they buried the seeds the goblins would steal the saplings before they were much more than two-feet tall.
Except one of the townsfolk mentioned that some saplings went missing while the heroes were in Easthaven. The goblins couldn’t have taken them.

The next delve into the Sunless Citadel found a nest of dire rats. Quarianus attracted even more with the deafening boom of his thunderweave spell. This included a huge direrat with drooping teets, a mama-rat. All were burned and hacked to death.

Then the heores returned to Oakhurst.



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