Sons of a Lost Empire

Facing the Tree

Where the heroes defeat the kobolds, twig blights, and the Master of the Grove.

Bugbear_and_rats.jpgThe heroes came back to face the kobolds and face them they did. All of them. At once. But by now the heroes were experienced enough to wipe out the kobolds letting only one escape. They found a water elemental creature and defeated it after it breathed caustic water on them.

TwigBlights.jpgThey went into the Twilight Grove with their newfound friend, the fighter/cleric gnome, Erky Timbers. They defeated the bugbears, twig blights, and goblins they found there to confront Belak the Outcast. Belak tried to convince them to give up and let the tree “take them” but they refused and fought.

belak_crew.gifUnder the spell of the tree were two of the lost adventurers they were looking for including one of the Hucreles they had been tasked at finding by the merchant Kerawyn Hucrele. They defeated the evil druid and all his minions including the Hucrele whom they rendered unconscious and tied up.

When he awoke he had the mind of an animal and could not be reasoned with. Even after they burned the tree (with the magical fruit growing on the side of it) it did not release poor Sir Bradford, the now ex-paladin. They left Sir Bradford tied up down below and left the grove.

dragonsarcoph.jpgThe last place they cleared out was a part of the dungeon that had not been opened since before the citadel fell into the earth. There they fought a small devil-creature and a troll-like priest trapped in a dragon-carved sarcophagi.

When the heroes returned to Oakhurst Kerawyn was angry that they had “killed” her family member instead of bringing him back. They got their reward but she was now cool to them and they realized they needed to leave town.

They traveled to Easthaven and sold much treasure.



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