Sons of a Lost Empire

The Mountain Door

Forge of Fury - Chapter I

250px-TSR11644_The_Forge_of_Fury.jpgAfter a week in Easthaven the heroes were looking for a change of pace. Leldelorian had been fitted for and received his suit of banded mail and the group just wanted to hit the road. They took a job protecting two wagons for a family of Stout Halflings to Thornhall.

The job was easy until the weather changed. They awoke in Dumere with storm clouds gathering. The summer storm struck in the morning and continued through the afternoon and evening. The storm slowed their progress so that they just reached the Mezdros Mountains. The adventurers and the halflings all tried to huddle under the wagons while lightning struck the mountains to the south and southwest.

While Pell was on watch one of the lightning strikes revealed something about a mile away up on a rocky hill. It was like a tree or rock that wasn’t there before and when the next strike lit up the sky it was gone. Pell woke the others but they didn’t believe him. Gamar told Pell to go to sleep and that he would take watch. Pell huddled under a wagon and watched.

A few minutes later a lightning strike lit up the field next to them and revealed a figure 10 to 12 feet tall walking toward them holding something in one hand and dragging a log in the other. It was about 150 yards away.

2e_Hill_Giant.jpgThough he could no longer see it, he commanded the giant to stop. In response a huge rock came flying overhead just missing one of the wagons. Pell aroused the other adventurers and they all decided to run into the night to confront the giant away from the wagons.

What ensued defies logic. The heroes pelted the giant with arrows, sword slashes, and magic arrows. The giant swung his great club mightily but was never able to hit the elusive adventurers. A shortsword to the gut ended the giant. The 11-foot humanoid fell back into the mud with a splash.

They took the sack of treasure from his belt and left the severed heads tied there by their hair.

In the morning they worked hard to get the wagons out of the mud and on the road. The storm continued until the afternoon so that little progress was made reaching Thornhall. It wasn’t until the next late afternoon that they reached it.

They parted ways with the thankful halflings and took up residence at the Blackshale Inn. The three story building overlooked a stone-lined pool and river that ran through the heart of the town. Finding a post from Baron Althon seeking men who would hunt items of value, they waited until market day when the baron arrived.

The adventurers agreed to go up into the Mezdros Mountains looking for an abandoned dwarven stronghold called Kundrukar. The stronghold was built by a smith named Durgeddin who made masterwork blades over a hundred years ago. While the stronghold had been overrun and sacked, Baron Althon believed that some of the finest blades lied deep in the fortress waiting to be found. The adventurers agreed to a price of 500 gold crowns for each blade they returned intact.

The next day the headed up into the mountains looking for a mountain called the Stone Tooth.

On the first day they saw it in the distance. On third day they began traversing up the steep mountainside when they ran into four orcs. They quickly dispatched them on the mountain trail. When they reached the top they came to a ledge where two more orcs waited.

Pell lured them down the trail by pretending to be alone. The orcs took the bait, rounded the corner and were slaughtered.

The adventurers then continued into a huge fissure where they found a set of large double doors. Before they could enter they were pelted with arrows from arrow slits above. Gamar went down but was quickly healed and they ran inside only to find a room split by a huge ravene and a rope bridge. From the other side arrows began to fly. They slowly tried to traverse the rope bridge while being pelted by arrows. Quarian refused to cross for some time, tramatized by being shot with an arrow from outside. When he finally decided to try two secret doors opened and orcs piled out firing longbows. Quarian went down.

orc_archers_squad_by_daroz-d5oi7u9.jpgGamar was stuck in the middle of the rope having a terrible time trying to not fall to his death. As Quarian went down Gamar became the next target and found himself full of arrows and swinging wildly on the rickety ropes. With his last breath he stepped off the bridge and healed Quarian.

The others made it across and they killed the orcs.

The heroes were clearly at the end of their collective rope and they hurried from Kundrukar, down the mountain trial for nearly a mile until they found a place to get off the trail, camp, and rest.



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